Level Up the Lunchbox: A Patient-Friendly Guide to Power Lunches

by Alana Cumber, TWU Dietetic Intern

Encouraging patients to craft a well-rounded and nourishing lunch is a powerful way to impact their hunger regulation and mood while encouraging healthier daily habits. The concept of “Power Lunches” is a valuable tool for patients who pack or prepare meals for themselves or family members. For instance, parents who prepare lunch for their children can utilize the Power Lunch handout (see below!) to help them construct nutritious lunches. Also, parents can get their kids involved with packing a Power Lunch by having the children select the foods from each category they’d like to enjoy.

While Power Lunches are great for parents, adults and college students who prepare lunches for work or school can benefit from adopting the Power Lunch approach. By understanding how to pack a lunch that sustains mental and physical energy levels, these patients can make healthier, balanced meal choices daily.

Patients can even apply the Power Lunch principles when eating out and choose balanced meals rich in fiber, healthy fats, and protein. While homemade meals are preferred, the information in the handout provides adaptable guidance for making healthier choices when patients eat away from home.

Ultimately, we know how important regular, balanced meals are for our patient’s health. The Power Lunch approach is a practical tool for guiding patients in building healthier lunches and meals overall.

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